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a community of graphical importance
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About Us


I'm sixteen year old female who enjoys making icons. I loove playing Final Fantasy, and I'm completely addicted to LJ. Uh, not much else to say except I'm open to friends, and I can be found at my personal profile which is friends only, and all you have to do is comment to be added.~


Uh, hi. I'm Kayla - I'm 14 and I reside in Minnesota, which partially sucks and is partially awesome. I'm the youngest out of all of us makers (yes, you will be able to tell) and in my spare time I enjoy eating, whining, sleeping, listening to music, being on Facebook, and watching the Minnesota Twins. :] Any questions you can hit me up! at my journal, which I'm going to try and actually update every so often. ;D


My name is well, as you can see, Michaleen :D I'm 20 years old and live in Northern Wisconsin - originally grew up in Northwest Indiana. I'm not all that exciting at all. I read a crapton of books, annd I also work full time. That's basically all my life is about at this moment in time.


Hi there, I'm Destiny. I'm just another nerd in the box. LOL. As you can tell, I'm really lame. I live in New Hampshire and I'm obsessed with Tegan and Sara. :D I'm really opinionated and stuff. I just started making icons, so try to deal with me? xD I like talking soo add my journal if you want!

About The Community
We were founded on 07/07/07. We are a graphics community, mainly specializing in icons. We will rarely do other graphics besides icons, however we do take suggestions. (:


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Please comment anywhere within the community if you'd like to affiliate with us! (:

1.No Hotlinking.

2. Comments are appreciated if taking.

3. CREDIT is HIGHLY recommended + needed.

4. Textless icons are not bases unless stated otherwise.

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